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What is electroplating?

What is electroplating?
Patented in 1840, electroplating is a process by which a thin layer of gold, silver and other metals are deposited onto a conductive object to enhance its appearance and value. Utilizing an electrical current, positively charged metal "ions" travel through a liquid solution known as an "electrolyte", and are deposited onto a negatively charged metal object.
What can be electroplated?
Copper, Bronze, Silver, Nickel and any Chrome surface are the most commonly plated materials. For all plastics and other non-conductive items please click here to visit our sister company Chrome Effects.
Will the electroplating process "fill in" wear marks or surface scratches? Unfortunately no.  For the most part all electroplating processes will make any surface imperfection in the metal item even more noticeable! For best results, all objects will need to be polished and cleaned prior to re-plating.   We can provide this additional service if your item requires it.
If my jewellery item has gemstones in it, can it still be plated?
How much will my item cost to be gold plated?
This varies depending on a few factors ie size/condition etc.   If your item is large and in a poor condition this will incur extra charges to bring the metal up to a plating standard. See our pricing guide.
Do you use genuine gold?
Yes, we use genuine 24k gold for our gold plating.
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