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How to order

Simple, contact us by telephone or email for pricing, then post the item to us.
Your item will normally be returned within 7 days from receipt of goods.


Payment Methods
We accept Debit,Visa and Mastercard.   Cheques will only be accepted if received and cleared prior to work taking place.

Sorry no COD orders are accepted.



Click here to Print a Mailing Label
Click here to Print an Order Form

It is important to document what you are shipping to us. We have provided printable mailing labels and order forms to assist you.

  1. Select the right size box or ‘Jiffy’ bag.  Use only well constructed boxes that are designed to withstand the rigors of normal shipping and handling.
  2. Please wrap all items separately to prevent damage. Use ample packing material such as “bubble wrap”.
  3. Please inventory all of the items you are sending (use the convenient order forms located on this page).   Keep a copy for your records and be sure to enclose a copy with the items.

    Correct: "Coffee urn with lid"
    Incorrect: "Coffee urn"
    The more complete description will help us determine if there are any missing pieces before we start the job.

  4. Your information should include Name, Address, Postcode, Phone and e-mail address if available.

Please include the INSURED VALUE OF THE ITEM(S) BEING SHIPPED. Always insure your items to their true value. We will return the items at your stated insured value.

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