Copper Plating

This cross was in a poor state of affairs when it arrived at our offices.

Gold Rush Plating polished it back to bare metal and applied a thick coat of copper.

We offer a full range of plating to along side our ever popular 24k Gold plating

Gold Plated Key

We have a customer who makes exquisite wooden jewellery boxes.

This hand-made brass key required 10 microns of gold.

We polished the key to a bright finish then silver plated it before adding a thick layer of gold.

Gold Plating

Here at Gold Rush Plating we plate all sorts of wonderful items .

We recently had a customer who required 24k gold plating to two coins that he had beautifully cut out and turned into pendents .

24K Gold Plating Sun Clock

Recently Gold Rush Plating restored a sun clock to it original glory. The clock had lost most of its original gold and was very tarnished.

Firstly we machined polished the ‘Rays’ back to base metal and the proceeded to nickel plate them. Once this was complete it was straight to the gold plating tanks to give a beautiful and rich 24k gold plate finish.