Jewellery Plating

These items were sent in as silver plated, but the customer wanted to have them 24k Gold Plated to match existing jewellery.

After a polish and deep clean in our ultrasonic cleaning machine the necklace and bracelet were placed in our gold electroplating tank to give a thick layer of gorgeous 24k gold.24k gold jewellery plating

Silver Plated Oil Lamps

Here we have a pair of Silver plated oil lamps that were in a very sorry state when they arrived.

We polished them back to bare metal, then copper plated them.

After a final polish they were silver plated to a bright finish.

Here we have some before and after images.

Silver plating a pair of oil lamps before and after image of silver plated oil lamps

Our electroplating services are second to none, be it gold plating, silver plating or rhodium plating.

Our gold plating company has been established for over 15 years.