Electroplating Services

Use our Electroplating Services on your gold trophy
We can provide just about any type of precious metal custom plating finish with a range of colours and plating thicknesses to meet your needs.

One off orders from individuals or multiples from manufactures, all undertaken with care and attention to detail.

We offer both Brush plating and Tank Plating.


Since the plating process does not hide or mask surface imperfections, the item you have in mind may need to be polished or cleaned prior to plating.

Ultra-Sonic Cleaning

We can clean all types of items and jewellery from rings and necklaces to watches and bracelets.
Our range of polishers, buffers and ultra sonic cleaning machines will have your gems, jewels and gadgets gleaming like new!

Glass Beading

Our glass-beading machine can be used to apply a soft polish to many metals. Ideal for intricate items that are hard to polish.

Jewellery Plating

We offer a range of options for plating jewellery, from rings and earrings to antique and top-end watches.

Retail Customers

We can plate individual, one off items from bath taps and watches to mobile phones and golf clubs.
Whatever your need or requirement we will do our best to accommodate.

Commercial / Trade customers

If you are a producer of “one of a kind” metal objects or a manufacturer with a new product line, we can help you with specific plating solutions and suggestions to enhance the beauty and value of your objects.